Haier Appliance Industry Group, Haier Appliance Industry Group Global CIO
GS1 China hosted Industry Plenary
  • 2010.11 ~ 2017.1
    • Siemens VP, IT leader, China district Lead, Business expand leader: Pacific-Asia, Middle east, Africa.
    • 20 years of IT work experience, 15 years as the CIO , IT leader & technical supervisor.
    • Equip with brilliant business & IT strategy experience. Particular good at build innovation model based on value to process business and IT strategy planning.
    • Equip with full experience in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial production, communications, automation, FMCG, high-tech and luxury goods and other industries, has accumulated rich enterprise system solutions and project implementation experience.
  • 2017.2 – Now, Haier Appliance Industry Group Global CIO