JD.com, Senior Product Manager of Y Business Unit, responsible for supply chain management innovation
GS1 China hosted Industry Plenary
Smart Supply Chain Drives Upgraded Quality E-Commerce

As the largest e-commerce company and largest retailer in China, by revenue, JD.com has the world’s most advanced logistics system and smart supply chain technologies, leading to a revolution in e-commerce supply chain. In JD.com, more than 90% of the orders have achieved same- or next-day delivery standard, which is a level of service that no other company in the world can match. We leverage technologies such as data mining, natural language processing, image recognition and machine learning to better understand and response to the customer demands in real time. This enables JD to provide truly differentiated and personalized customer services. 

China's economic development has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Quality economy has become an essential part of economic development in the future. Guided by consumer demand, JD.com will promote quality economic upgrading, empower global partners, and improve the efficiency of international commodity circulation by integrating extensive supply chain business experience and expertise with high technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

JD’s Blockchain Anti-fake and Traceability Platform realizes full link traceability of products from production to table based on blockchain technology. Video, anti-fake, and internet of things technologies are applied in the process, and the data is synchronizing with government regulatory authorities to endorse product quality and promote food safety innovation.

Bio: Yuguang Han is a Senior Product Manager of Y Business Unit, responsible for supply chain management innovation. Mr. Han graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Master of Science in Operation Research, and he also holds CPIM.
After joined JD.com, Mr. Han has been working on creating innovative and applicable smart supply chain products, such as the JD.com Block-chain Anti-counterfeiting and Tracing Platform, and the JD.com Operation Research and Optimization Platform. He initiated and led several innovative anti-counterfeiting and traceability projects in China based on block-chain, such as the commodity donation traceability project for JD Foundation(NGO), the agricultural products traceability project for government precision poverty reduction project, and the cross-border origin products traceability project, etc. Additionally, as the project manager of the Block-chain Food Safety Alliance on JD.com side, he was responsible for coordinating and leading the joint working team, including Walmart, IBM and Tsinghua University, to establish the alliance.